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  • Jami Stigliano

    You Can Call Me: Head Diva
    Hometown: Waco, TX
    Day Job: Founder, CEO of DivaDance
    Favorite Diva: Brit & Bey
    Favorite Music Video: Britney "Slave 4 U" & Cassie "Me & U"
    Favorite Emoji: Peach emoji
    Dancefloor Jam: Ginuwine “Pony”
    Fave Beauty Product: Eyelure lashes
    My Hashtag Is: #soextra #thriving
    A Secret: I was the mascot at The University of Texas at Austin in college!
    Personal Mantra: “What I visualize, I magnetize.”

    PS: Wanna see what it's like to be the Queen Bee of DivaDance? Stalk the Head Diva on IG at @divadancefranchise

  • Trey Maxwell

    You can call me: Trey!

    Hometown: Carrollton, TX

    Day Job: Human Resources Recruiter

    Favorite Diva: Lady Gaga

    Favorite Music Video: "Wig" by Todrick Hall

    Favorite Emoji:

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Ginger Beer!!

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Light sweats, a DivaDance shirt, and a DivaDance waist wrap

    Dancefloor Jam: "Boss Bitch" by Doja Cat

    Fave Beauty Product: Any Rascal product from the Gents Place

    A Secret: I used to dress as Felicity, the fierce nighttime drag queen

    Personal Mantra: Live life smiling

    My Hashtag Is: #slaytrey

  • Tanci Soulier

    You can call me: Fanci Tanci

    Hometown: Cypress, TX

    Day Job: Dance Instructor

    Favorite Diva: Lady Gaga

    Favorite Music Video: Rhythm Nation

    Favorite Emoji: ‍♀️

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Spicy Mexican Martini

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Leggings and a tank

    Dancefloor Jam: YEAH!

    Fave Beauty Product: Anything Mary Kay

    My Hashtag Is: #blessed

  • Natalia Maravi

    You can call me: Natalia

    Hometown: Austin, TX but from DFW

    Day Job: Mama, DivaDance North Dallas Owner, Dance Instructor, Financial Queen for a super small tech company

    Favorite Diva: Britney Spears

    Favorite Music Video: Slave For You by Britney

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Sweets! Mrs. Baird's Powdered Donuts

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Leggings and a crop top with heels

    Dancefloor Jam: Anything Britney!

    Fave Beauty Product: Mascara

    A Secret; I enjoy walking through the cleaning products aisle of grocery stores just to stand there and smell it lolol

    My Hashtag Is: #livingmybestlife

  • Ashley Godin

    You can call me: Ashley, Ash

    Hometown: Austin

    Day Job: RF Applications Engineer

    Favorite Diva: Beyonce

    Favorite Music Video: Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

    Favorite Emoji: Bunny ear ballet girls

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Sweet potatoes, any way!

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Booty shorts and a crop top

    Dancefloor Jam: Beyonce "Countdown"

    Fave Beauty Product: Green tea face wash

    Personal Mantra: It's all going to be okay

    My Hashtag Is: #hustlin

  • Brooklyn Morrow

    You can call me: Brooklyn or Brooke
    Hometown: I was born in San Antonio but I lived in so many places!
    Day job: School/PAD dance studio
    Favorite Diva: Shakira
    Favorite Music Video: Company- Tinashe
    Favorite food or cocktail: TACOS
    Favorite outfit: FashionNova!
    Dancefloor jam: My Humps
    Fave beauty product: Rosewater face masks
    Hashtag: #girlyes
    A secret: I can’t function without the duo of meditation and coffee
    Personal Mantra: Radiant

  • Symonne Hornaday

    You can call me: Symonne

    Hometown: Tucson

    Day Job: Partner Success Account Manager at Vrbo

    Favorite Diva: Beyonce

    Favorite Emoji: ‍♀️

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Margarita

    Dancefloor Jam: Crazy in love

    Fave Beauty Product: Red lipstick

  • Monique Femat

    You can call me...Monique

    Hometown: El Paso

    Day Job: Nurse

    Favorite Diva: Lady Gaga

    Favorite Music Video: “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce

    Favorite Emoji:

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: My mom’s chicken tacos and Austin Eastsiders

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Crop top and high waisted leggings

    Dancefloor Jam: “Return of the Mack” by Mack Morrison

    Fave Beauty Product; CC cream by Mary Kay

    A Secret...Don’t have any, I’m an open book.

    Personal Mantra: It could always be worse.

    My Hashtag Is: #whateverithinkisfunnyatthetime

  • Abby Nirenberg

    You can call me: Abby

    Hometown: Austin, TX

    Day Job: Student

    Favorite Diva: Beyoncé

    Favorite Music Video: Yummy

    Favorite Emoji:

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Sweatpants and a crop

  • Brittney DeMars

    You can call me: Bobbie (Bobby)

    Hometown: Houston, Texas

    Day Job: Middle School Program Coordinator and Academic Adviser

    Favorite Diva: Aaliyah and Celia "La Reina de Salsa" Cruz

    Favorite Music Video: Remember The Time - Michael Jackson

    Favorite Emoji: Salsera Emoji

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: :Plantain Chips (unsweetened)

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Crop Top and Shorts

    Dancefloor Jam: Anything I can show-out to!

    Fave Beauty Product: LASHES and Lip Gloss!

    A Secret: I write poetry, haikus, and I love journaling.

    Personal Mantra: Speak things into existence.

    My Hashtag Is: #boricubana

  • Danie Aiken

    You can call me: Danie
    Hometown: Austin
    Day Job: Design and Communications
    Favorite Diva: Aaliyah
    Favorite Music Video: Are you that somebody
    Favorite Emoji: Skull
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Catfish
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: High Top Adidas, Graphic Tee, Jeans and a hat
    Dancefloor Jam: Crazy in Love
    Fave Beauty Product: afrm House fresh
    A Secret: I have an alter ego
    Personal Mantra: Don't waste time...make time
    My Hashtag Is: #daniepearl

  • Alexandra Caroline

    You Can Call Me: Alexandra
    Hometown: Austin
    Day Job: Teacher
    Favorite Diva: My Mama
    Favorite Music Video: Toxic by Britney Spears
    Favorite Emoji:
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Lemon Drop Martini
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Jogger pants and a hoodie
    Dance floor Jam: "Forever" by Chris Brown
    Fave Beauty Product: MAC lipstick in the color "Creme in your Coffee". It is everything!
    My Hashtag Is: #livingmybestlife
    A Secret: I was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for 2 years. Go Cowboys!
    Personal Mantra: Sorry, out to live. Be back soon!
  • Laurita Vargas

    You can call me: Laurita

    Hometown: Rhome, TX

    Day Job: DivaDance HQ Operations & Client Support Manager

    Favorite Diva: Lizzo

    Favorite Music Video: "Yummy" feat. Sorry Girls & Friends

    Favorite Emoji:

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: I'm a food and drinks kind of gal, I do not discriminate

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Leggings, crop top+flannel and a hat!

    Dancefloor Jam: Tempo - Lizzo

    Fave Beauty Product: MILK Mascara

    A Secret: I throw axes in a competitive league!

    Personal Mantra: Progress, not perfection

    My Hashtag Is: #loveyourself

  • Leah Mercer

    You can call me: Leah

    Hometown: Austin, Texas

    Day Job: Middle School Dance Director/Dance Teacher

    Favorite Diva: Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce

    Favorite Music Video: Janet Jackson's Miss You Much and Alright, MC Hammer's 2 Legit 2 Quit, Beyonce's Get Me Bodied, Michael Jackson's Remember the TIme

    Favorite Emoji: The heart, of course!

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Fried pickles...shirley temple on the ROCKS!

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Any outfit accompanied with fishnet stockings...YASSSSS!

    Dancefloor Jam: ANYTHING DANCE HALL REGGAE!!!! Bad Girl by Usher...you better move out my way once that guitar bass line drop! Love Shack by B 52, Everyday People by Arrested Development, Anything Beyonce, and ANY song with club line dances....I'm THAT girl being extra on the floor

    Fave Beauty Product: Besides having good genes, I love Aveeno products and coconut oil cuz I got the gooood hair like Becky

    A Secret: I can literally act out all characters, dance and sing all of Wizard of Oz. I also cried when I met Mickey Mouse at Disney World

    Personal Mantra: Hakuna Matata! When a door doesn't open for me, I just make a prettier one to strut through.

    My Hashtag Is: #AisleBeLovingBaxter...this diva will tie the knot on 3/20/2020

  • Maira Montes

    You can call me... Maira
    Hometown El Paso, Tx Day
    Preschool Teacher Favorite
    Queen Bey!
    Favorite Music Video OMG too many to choose from!!
    Favorite Emoji ;)
    Favorite Food or Cocktail Give me all the pasta and some red wine.
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In black on black on black
    Dancefloor Jam Monopoly by Ariana Grande
    Fave Beauty Product can't live without a good red lipstick, my current fave is the Stunna lip paint by Fenty Beuty.
    A Secret... I was once in the same room as Chrissy Teaigan and John Legend.. I can die happy now.
    Personal Mantra I am in love with who I am becoming
    My Hashtag Is #Mairalejos because I love to travel

  • Yuki Yabuno

    You can call me...

    Brooklyn, NY

    Day Job

    Favorite Music Video
    Baby boy by Beyoncé ft Sean Paul

    Favorite Emoji

    Favorite Food or Cocktail
    I love all types of food

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In
    Gym clothes

    Dancefloor Jam

    Fave Beauty Product

    A Secret...

    Personal Mantra
    Truly live your life, what’s meant to be will always be

    My Hashtag Is