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  • Brittney DeMars

    You can call me: Bobbie
    Hometown: Houston, Texas
    Day Job: Middle School Program Coordinator and Academic Adviser
    Favorite Diva: Aaliyah and Celia "La Reina de Salsa" Cruz
    Favorite Music Video: Remember The Time - Michael Jackson
    Favorite Emoji: Salsera Emoji
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: :Plantain Chips (unsweetened)
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Crop Top and Shorts
    Dancefloor Jam: Anything I can show-out to!
    Fave Beauty Product: LASHES and Lip Gloss!
    A Secret: I write poetry, haikus, and I love journaling.
    Personal Mantra: Speak things into existence.
    My Hashtag Is: #boricubana

  • Felicia Dylan

    You can call me: Felicia, Baby Gaga, Fee-fee, Feleesh
    Hometown: Hard to say.... grew up military
    Day Job: Zumba Instructor and Catering team member
    Favorite Diva: Lady Gaga
    Favorite Music Video: Lady Gaga "Marry the Night", Grimes "Butterfly", Chet Faker "Gold"
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Curry and rice, Ramen
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Crop top, shorts/skirt, Platforms, Moon face
    Dancefloor Jam: any Grimes song
    Fave Beauty Product: hemp oil face moisturizer
    Personal Mantra: Be the best you you can be!
  • Jami Stigliano

    You Can Call Me: Head Diva
    Hometown: Waco, TX
    Day Job: Founder, CEO of DivaDance
    Favorite Diva: Brit & Bey
    Favorite Music Video: Britney "Slave 4 U" & Cassie "Me & U"
    Favorite Emoji: Peach emoji
    Dancefloor Jam: Ginuwine “Pony”
    Fave Beauty Product: Eyelure lashes
    My Hashtag Is: #soextra #thriving
    A Secret: I was the mascot at The University of Texas at Austin in college!
    Personal Mantra: “What I visualize, I magnetize.”

    PS: Wanna see what it's like to be the Queen Bee of DivaDance? Stalk the Head Diva on IG at @divadancefranchise

  • Jocelyn Gomez Maciel

    Preferred Pronoun: She / Her
    Hometown: Long Beach
    Favorite Diva: Ariana Grande
    Favorite Music Video: Ciara "Ride"
    If I was a cereal, I would be... Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    Dancefloor Jam: Juvenile "Slow Motion"
    A Secret... I hate cooking but force myself to do it
    My life motto: You are the only one who needs to be okay with how you live your life.
  • Julio Rodriguez**

    You can call me: July or July-O
    Hometown: Dallas, Tx.
    Day Job: UberEats
    Favorite Diva: Rihanna
    Favorite Music Video: Lady Gaga "Applause"
    Favorite Emoji:
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Anything chicken related and jack n’ coke
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Long sleeve, black sweat pants, tube socks and heels
    Dancefloor Jam: anything disco
    Fave Beauty Product: Jeffree star cosmetics
    A Secret: I hate flats. Shhhhh
    Personal Mantra: Use your fatigue to your advantage.
    My Hashtag Is: #juliochoreo

  • Kirsten Gonzales

    Preferred Pronoun: She / Her
    Favorite Diva: Ariana Grande
    Favorite Music Video: Ariana Grande "God Is A Woman"
    If I was a cereal, I would be:
    The original Coco Pebbles
    Dancefloor Jam: Anything with a beat
    A Secret... I hate avocados...
    My life motto: Live like tomorrow isn't promised

  • Laurita Vargas

    You can call me: Laurita
    Hometown: Rhome, TX
    Day Job: DivaDance HQ Operations Manager & Franchise Success Coach
    Favorite Diva: Megan Thee Stallion
    Favorite Music Video: "Yummy" feat. Sorry Girls & Friends
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: I'm a food and drinks kind of gal, I do not discriminate
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Leggings, crop top+flannel and a hat!
    Dancefloor Jam: Up - Cardi B
    Fave Beauty Product: NYX Marshmallow Primer
    A Secret: I throw axes in a competitive league!
    Personal Mantra: Progress, not perfection
    My Hashtag Is: #loveyourself

  • Magda Mayagoitia

    Preferred Pronoun
    • She / Her
    Torreon, México
    Favorite Diva
    The Pussycat Dolls
    Favorite Music Video
    Umbrella- Rihanna
    If I was a cereal, I would be...
    fruity pebbles
    Dancefloor Jam
    Any reggaeton music
    A Secret...
    Don't like Nutella
    My life motto
    Anyone could be Anything

  • Mary DeVillez

    You can call me: Mary
    Hometown: Friendswood, Texas
    Day Job: Creative Team Manager
    Favorite Diva: Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Selenas
    Favorite Music Video: "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift
    Favorite Emoji:
    Favorite Food: Cheese
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: bike shorts and a cut-off tank
    Dancefloor Jam: Cardi B "Bodak Yellow"
    Fave Beauty Product: Lipstick
    A Secret: Used to be a bouncer in college
    Personal Mantra: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou
    My Hashtag Is: #allthatandabagofchips
  • NaKia Whitaker

    Preferred Pronoun
    She / Her, They / Them
    Tyler, Tx
    Favorite Diva
    Favorite Music Video
    Wild Side by Normani
    If I was a cereal, I would be...
    Fruity Pebbles
    Dancefloor Jam
    Anything by Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, or Lizzo
    A Secret...
    Years ago I made homemade kombucha while living in my hometown, and I had completely forgotten about it upon moving out. It wasn't until recently that I remembered about my forgotten kombucha baby... Legend has it, it's still in hidden in that house to this day.
    My life motto
    c'est la vie

  • Natalia Maravi**

    You can call me: Natalia
    Hometown: Austin, TX but from DFW
    Day Job: Mama, DivaDance North Dallas Owner, Dance Instructor, Financial Queen for a super small tech company
    Favorite Diva: Britney Spears
    Favorite Music Video: Slave For You by Britney
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Sweets! Mrs. Baird's Powdered Donuts
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Leggings and a crop top with heels
    Dancefloor Jam: Anything Britney!
    Fave Beauty Product: Mascara
    A Secret; I enjoy walking through the cleaning products aisle of grocery stores just to stand there and smell it lolol
    My Hashtag Is: #livingmybestlife

  • Rebecca Juarez**

    You can call me: Rebecca or Becca
    Hometown: Austin
    Day Job: Nanny and a future high school dance teacher, woohoo!
    Favorite Diva: Selena Quintanilla
    Favorite Music Video: Movement-Hoizer
    Favorite Emoji: The snowflake because I love the snow.
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: My favorite food is lemon pepper wings (BONE IN of course!!!) and I love me a nice Blue Hawaiian!
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: A romper paired with some thigh high boots and hoop earrings
    Dancefloor Jam: Chunky- Bruno Mars
    Fave Beauty Product:Any product that tames the curls y'all!
    A Secret...: I have a secret talent/obsession with air hockey. So far i've been undefeated since I was 11 and would love to find air hockey lovers to play with!
    Personal Mantra: Why be moody when you can shake your booty?
  • Tanci Soulier**

    You can call me: Fanci Tanci
    Hometown: Cypress, TX
    Day Job: Dance Instructor
    Favorite Diva: Lady Gaga
    Favorite Music Video: Rhythm Nation
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Spicy Mexican Martini
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Leggings and a tank
    Dancefloor Jam: Usher's YEAH!
    Fave Beauty Product: Anything Mary Kay
    My Hashtag Is: #blessed

  • Taylor King

    You can call me: Tay
    Hometown: New Jersey
    Day Job: Preschool Teacher
    Favorite Diva: Britney Spears
    Favorite Music Video: "De Una Vez" Selena Gomez
    Favorite Emoji: Flowers and stars
    Favorite Food: Anything spicy and all things french fries!
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: A fun dress !!
    Dancefloor Jam: "Kiss me More" Doja Cat ft. SZA
    Fave Beauty Product: Rare beauty by Selena Gomez!
    A Secret: I can play piano very well
    Personal Mantra: Life is about moments. Don't wait for them, create them !
    My Hashtag Is: #Hotgirlsummer
  • Trey Maxwell

    You can call me: Trey!
    Hometown: Carrollton, TX
    Day Job: Human Resources Recruiter
    Favorite Diva: Lady Gaga
    Favorite Music Video: "Wig" by Todrick Hall
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Ginger Beer!!
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Light sweats, a DivaDance shirt, and a DivaDance waist wrap
    Dancefloor Jam: "Boss Bitch" by Doja Cat
    Fave Beauty Product: Any Rascal product from the Gents Place
    A Secret: I used to dress as Felicity, the fierce nighttime drag queen
    Personal Mantra: Live life smiling
    My Hashtag Is: #slaytrey

  • Chantel Serita

    You can call me: Chantel
    Hometown: Chicago
    Day Job: I’m a self-love coach, dance instructor and manager wrapped in one.
    Favorite Diva: Cardi B is my spirit animal
    Favorite Music Video: Tierra Whack “Clones”
    Favorite Emoji: ✨
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Old fashioned all day baby...cuz Whiskey. Yep, I’m an old head.
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: A cute jumpsuit
    Dancefloor Jam: Hands on my knees shakin on my thot $#!t
    Fave Beauty Product: Lashes, but I suck at applying them!
    A Secret: I have a few alter egos...ask me about them
    Personal Mantra: Fine wine gets better with time.
    My Hashtag Is: #changotmoves
  • Yonsheika Moore

    Bio coming soon