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Monique Femat

You can call me...: Monique, Mo, Momo
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Job: Registered nurse in the operating room
Favorite diva: Gaga all day, errday!!!!
Favorite music video: “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé
Favorite food or cocktail: Mannn, I love food!! Let’s say mole chicken, pasta, sour patch kids...basically anything that’s bad for you unfortunately! I’m more of a beer girl and I LIVEEEE for Sol Cheladas!!!
Favorite outfit to slay in: My go to for psquad is a crop top, booty shorts and shiny fishnets.
Dance floor jam: Old school Mo loves “Pop That” French Montana
Fave beauty product: All of the “Rose” scented things at Bath and Body works, but mostly the body spray. It smells like heaven!!
My hashtag is: #ithinkimfunnysowhateverisonmymindatthetime
A secret...: I honestly can’t think of anything! You wanna know something, ask me and you’ll get an answer!
Personal mantra: Everything happens for a reason.
Monique Femat